Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Abby Babs had the flu!

Poor Baby! We were on a grocery shopping trip when Abby started acting, well crankier than usual :) All she kept saying to me was "Mommy I hungy" (translation: mommy i'm hungry). I kept responding to her with "We will be home soon baby and Mommy will make you lunch." Both Sammy and Abby were walking when all of a sudden, Abby stopped in the middle of the aisle and started to throw up! I felt SO BAD for my baby! I just held her and let her finish, I figured it would be awful for her to be ran across the store to try to find the bathroom. An employee came and I helped her clean it up. I took off her clothes, luckily she had brought a blanket into the store. I wrapped her up and checked out. She got sick again on the way home, that is the worst in my opinion, because you can't hold them and make them feel better. We came home and she couldn't keep anything down for a good 5 hours. Of course me being the worry wort that I am, I was scared that she was going to get dehydrated. She finally fell asleep for a little bit. My mom came and picked up Sammy for a couple hours so he could play and not have to sit in the house for the rest of the day. He was an angel during the whole thing and was really worried about his sissy. When she woke up she was able to keep juice and water down, but didn't want any solid food (not even toast). She slept in her toddler air mattress on our bedroom floor, where she slept the whole night through! The next morning she was fine but still had no appetite :-( I hate when I have sick babies, I want to just be sick instead so they don't feel so bad! I am happy to say she is her normal self again!!!


The Christensen Family said...

Awe....poor baby last time Lilly had the flu it was aweful too..we were at school and had to leave because she woke up vomiting...and I HAD TO GO TO WALMART because I had no Ty or motrin or anything sad so she puked everywhere in there too :( I hate haveing sick babies too :( Im glad she is better:)

Katrina {} said...

She's cute even when she's sick.

audra said...

Poor little abby! being sick isn't so easy and is not any fun