Sunday, April 13, 2014

eight and ten (picture heavy)

This February Abby turned 8 
Her request was a Frozen themed party
(seems to be the party trend this birthday season)

the birthday girl at school

Her birthday happened to fall on the school's annual "Artist Fair"
a cake decorator came to the class and personalized a cake. just for her.

party day!! 
tissue paper garland is the best. cheap. easy. cute.

the party was complete with a runway show

seriously! CAN'T BELIEVE that our baby is 8!

and then... our first born turned 10!
it was Sammy's turn for the "family" party
so it was early morning presents

followed by dinner and presents at Karl Strauss (his choice)

can you spot the PHOTO BOMB

me and my boy 
(don't know what happened to the picture... looks like i have something on my lip)

Now I seriously can't believe this boy is TEN! a WHOLE DECADE! ugh! can I please oh please freeze time!?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday!

Oh what a happy day! FRIDAY!!
This week has been a learning experience. Truly learning about the power of prayer.
I recently heard "to let God through the door before you walk in."
I thought to myself "hmmm.... that sounds like something I can do"
So this week, where ever I went, whether it was my own home, someone else's home, work, or the grocery store (especially wal-mart, ha!) I prayed in my car. I prayed that God would enter before me.And to give me strength for any situation.
And guess what people!!?? He did.
And do you want to know what else!? I had an amazing week!
He has taught me that even small, what may seem meaningless, He hears. He delivers. Or in some cases not. But He KNOWS! And He is always THERE!

I am starting a journey. A journey that won't be easy. A journey of moral inventory. A journey of spiritual awakening. My heart is open and I believe He knows that and is so ready to work in my life. I know He is rejoicing too and that makes me smile even bigger!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

I miss this space.
I miss what little creative outlet it has provided me with.
I miss having the time to do such.

Life can get crazy. Like really crazy. Unpredictable. It can get crazy with every day happenings like taking the kids to school, going to work, picking the kids up from school, taking Sammy to baseball, taking Abby to dance, making dinner, making sure there are enough clean clothes for everyone to wear, making sure there are enough groceries in the fridge, and making sure we have enough dough to provide what we need to provide.

Life can get even more crazy. Like really, really crazy. Like so crazy that you don't even know where to turn or where to start to try and make things better. That my friends is how I have felt lately. Circumstances have aroused where I feel completely helpless. Helpless, but wanting to help. Wanting to be there for loved ones that don't want anyone to be there for them. Wanting the best for someone that doesn't want the best for themselves. What do you do?

I am not going to go into detail about what specifically I am referring to. It's not my story to tell. But I will tell you what has given me strength. Strength to stay calm so I can be there if I am needed. One being. God.

I am not a religious person, but I am a faithful person. I have faith that my maker is here and all around me. That God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle (yes it feels that way but it's not going to kill me). He has been so amazing. SO amazing. He hears every thought. Every prayer. Every cry for help. Every time I glorify Him (which needs to be way more often). And in the little that I do glorify Him, He still provides me and the people all around me with love. Love. Pure, everlasting love.

With what has been put in front of our family has been trying. And we have put Him on the back burner. And guess what? He still provides. He still loves us. I can't even describe how my heart feels because of this. God is good. Oh so good.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

So I turned 30... like 2 months ago

Almost TWO months ago I turned the big 3-0.
And husband who always goes above and beyond what I expect, surprised me with a limo ride to San Diego with my best friends to shop and eat and drink.

I had a BLAST with the ones I love the most.
I feel so blessed to have learned so much from my 20s and can't wait too see what my 30s have in store for me!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cocktail Hour (Santa Barbara Part 3)

 I have to say that my husband is quite the photographer. He takes that camera and just goes. And I love it. Yes, he takes most of the pictures and it wasn't any different once the ceremony was over and it was time for cocktail hour. He took our camera and just went with it, taking over 500 pictures. Yup, he really did take 500.
Cocktail hour was just too fun. Funny people. Yummy drinks. Excellent appys. Great view. Awesome music. Gah! Can I go back?