Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy Friday!

Oh what a happy day! FRIDAY!!
This week has been a learning experience. Truly learning about the power of prayer.
I recently heard "to let God through the door before you walk in."
I thought to myself "hmmm.... that sounds like something I can do"
So this week, where ever I went, whether it was my own home, someone else's home, work, or the grocery store (especially wal-mart, ha!) I prayed in my car. I prayed that God would enter before me.And to give me strength for any situation.
And guess what people!!?? He did.
And do you want to know what else!? I had an amazing week!
He has taught me that even small, what may seem meaningless, He hears. He delivers. Or in some cases not. But He KNOWS! And He is always THERE!

I am starting a journey. A journey that won't be easy. A journey of moral inventory. A journey of spiritual awakening. My heart is open and I believe He knows that and is so ready to work in my life. I know He is rejoicing too and that makes me smile even bigger!!

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