Sunday, April 13, 2014

eight and ten (picture heavy)

This February Abby turned 8 
Her request was a Frozen themed party
(seems to be the party trend this birthday season)

the birthday girl at school

Her birthday happened to fall on the school's annual "Artist Fair"
a cake decorator came to the class and personalized a cake. just for her.

party day!! 
tissue paper garland is the best. cheap. easy. cute.

the party was complete with a runway show

seriously! CAN'T BELIEVE that our baby is 8!

and then... our first born turned 10!
it was Sammy's turn for the "family" party
so it was early morning presents

followed by dinner and presents at Karl Strauss (his choice)

can you spot the PHOTO BOMB

me and my boy 
(don't know what happened to the picture... looks like i have something on my lip)

Now I seriously can't believe this boy is TEN! a WHOLE DECADE! ugh! can I please oh please freeze time!?

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