Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We were on the hunt for the perfect tree (or I was just being way to picky!). We all packed in the car and headed to a tree lot in Menifee which sounded pretty fun, but when we got there I was less than impressed. SO, off to a different tree lot to find it. It only took Sam and I about 25 minutes to go through all the rows of trees until we saw what we were looking for. Sammy and Abby could care less what the tree looked liked, they just wanted to run around. I think they thought they were really in a forest! We like our trees flocked, so we didn't pick it up until the next night. I waited to decorate it in the morning so the kids didn't feel rushed while decorating. They had a blast decorating the tree, and guess what??? I didn't even move any ornaments around once they went to bed that night! YAY!


The Christensen Family said...

LOL your stronger than I! our tree is a little 4 footer Fakey I bought for Jeff last year. We thought we would save some Money! We plan on going up the mountian and cutting our own tree the years after this one though a Christmas tree lot :) Your tree looks beautiful great job!

Katrina {} said...

Worth the find... your tree is beautiful! By the way, I LOVE the header picture.