Friday, January 2, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This Christmas Season was one to remember! I was so caught up in everything that I FORGOT to take pictures :( But we did take video of Christmas morning, which is on my video camera. Sammy woke up and realized what day it was and ran out of bed to see if Santa came. The pitter pattering of his little feet running back into our room is a sound I will never forget. "HE CAME!" he shouted. I then went into the Princess's room to wake her up and I got the "Five more minutes Mommy.... please."
They were both excited to open the presents that Santa brought, and excited for one another to open theirs.
Sam and I were sitting down one night after all the wonderful chaos of Christmas and we are just so thankful for our children. Of course they get cranky and have meltdowns but that comes with being a kid. Sammy and Abby are such great kids, we knew that they felt the love from everyone during Christmas!
As we put another year behind us and move into another, we know that it only gets better! So from our family to yours.... "Merry Christmas and have a GREAT 2009!"

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