Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Talk With My Little Girl

Last night Abby had trouble falling asleep due to her 2 hour late nap. I went in her to room to talk to her and let her know she needed to go to sleep. We ended up talking about her turning 3 in a few weeks and how she is going to get to start dance classes. I let her know that she is going to make lots of new friends, she is going to be able to wear tutus that twirl, and she will learn so much doing dance. I could tell she was deep in thought through the whole conversation ;) She then laid her head on my chest and said "After I do dance I do soccer ball mommy?" I had to smile because growing up that was my sport, and I have NEVER even mentioned soccer to her! I guess God really did give Sam and I little clones.

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The Christensen Family said...

hehe thats what we plan on putting lilly in dance and soccer...I was just really waiting for all this drama to be over with...I tried to put her in dance in Oct but the teacher was really rude so I didnt take her back...
They will so love it :)