Friday, March 20, 2009

So much to blog about and so little time!

These past couple weeks have been so crazy busy, especially this past week! I have so much to blog about and soon there will be an overdose of posting from me BUT it might not happen as quick as I would like it to. I just needed to share about Sammy's BIG week!

  1. Monday: Came and went!
  2. Tuesday: ST. Patrick's Day. Went to the Library to check out books.
  3. Wednesday: Running errands with Mommy and Abby. Mommy did a night shopping trip for the party.
  4. Thursday: SAMMY'S 5TH BIRTHDAY! He woke up, opened presents from Mommy, Daddy and Abby. Mommy, Sammy and Abby went to see "Coraline 3D." Sammy had a game at 4:30, GO TIGERS! Went to eat and Shakey's. Came home, put kids to bed, started to bake :)
  5. Friday: Chores/playing with new toys. Cleaning and decorating the cake. Monique, Alexa, Alana, and Joseph come over to play:) Nicole comes over to help decorate cupcakes and help me get organized :) Sammy gets his black Belt!!! Wii had a Wii Party!

And now the busy weekend comes!

Life is so beautiful and I am so happy for every person in my life!

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The Christensen Family said...

I love having full days! okay tagggg youre it!! go to your sixth folder and get your sixth picture and tell us about it MIND IN ON MY SITE :)