Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend Sam and I took Sammy and Abby bowling. The bowling alley has this cool feature that enables the bumpers to come out only when it was Sammy and Abby's turn! How cool is that! I just wish they would have stayed up for me and Sam! Sammy and Abby loved watching the ball roll down the lane to see how many pins they would knock over. Sammy did get a STRIKE!! But I ended up beating the whole bunch with a whopping...... 99! We'll just say we won't be joining a bowling league anytime soon.


Katrina {} said...

How cute are you guys! And I love how you and Abby go bowling in dresses. :)

The Christensen Family said...

I love taking lilly bowling but the alley here is the pits .. so we have not gone in a really long time ... looks like you had great fun!