Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our New Edition!

The search had been on for awhile, with a few hiccups, BUT we managed to find the PERFECT puppy to join our clan. Saturday, March 28th, we brought home Mickey. He is a pure bred brindle boxer, with the sweetest disposition. I think God placed him in our home knowing he would fit right in with our PERFECT children :) He had his well puppy check-up today along with his first round of shots. He did great and Dr. Bob was AMAZED of how well behaved he is for being only 9 weeks old! Mickey received his shot without a whimper (tough little guy) and weighed in at 12 pounds.


The Christensen Family said...

NICE he is such a cutie... I wish we would have met our German Shepherd before we paid for her and had her delivered ... she is not us at all.... hopefully she will get better. We were never even able to hold her or get a pic of her when she was a puppy because she was so high strung .. you are very lucky!
and man is he sooo cute I love boxers but Jeff said no boxers no rotties ppftt ... hehe
Love ya

The Christensen Family said...

oh I should go get that cook book! what a cleaver Idea.. lilly loves carrots and brocoli but its really hard to get her to eat other veggies ...!
I love boxers we had Jerry when I was like 4? do remember our white boxer?? we got her from your mom. You should see lillys imitation of a boxer hehe our friend has one... she asked me why is she so sad lmfo! he looks perfect ! and your kids look way happy Im glad you decided to make the leap for a pet :)
love ya