Monday, June 22, 2009

Idyllwild was WIDLY Fun!!

Father's Day weekend Sam decided that he wanted to take us camping! We packed up the car and kids on Saturday morning and drove up to Idyllwild which is only 45 minutes away. We set up camp and had a GREAT time relaxing in an environment that wasn't our home. Sammy and Abby had a great time cruising around, riding bikes, playing on the playground, making s'mores, and eating all the fun things they picked out at the store. Sam and I also had a great time hanging out with one another and watching Sammy and Abby run around. We only had reservations for one night which was PERFECT considering I had forgotten to pack a couple essentials... TOWELS to take showers! So brushing ou teeth and washing faces was all we could manage. It was a very successful first camping trip for our family! The start to many more to come!


Ashley said...

I can't wait for family camping trips! SO fun!

Katrina {} said...

How fun!!