Monday, November 9, 2009

In honor of the 25 Random Facts going around Facebook I have decided to post it to my blog.

1. I have a fear of anything without feet i.e. snakes, fish, worms, slugs....
2. I LOVE reading, and if I didn't have kids I would probably spend all my time doing that.
3. My real name is pronounced "Brian" but was scared of getting made fun of when we moved out here when I was in 5th grade.
4. I am obsessed with anything Disney!
5. Sometimes I feel like more of a boy just because I am too lazy to take the time to do my hair & make-up..haha!
6. Sam and I were set up :)
7. I love love love musicals
8. My favorite duo in Hollywood is Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
9. I love the Lakers
10. My kids are my world, and they make me so proud every single day. Cherish the little things :)
11. I DIDN'T cry on Sammy's first day of Kindergarten....TOTAL SHOCK!
12. I love tattoos, it really is artwork
13. After having children I CAN'T watch a scary movie, even thinking about it freaks me out, like right now...
14. Baking cupcakes is my guilty pleasure.
15. The only thing I really collect: wine corks, Disney Movies, and pictures that my kids make me.
16. In a perfect world I would want to have a date night once a week with my gets way too busy sometimes :)
17. I have known my best friend Katrina for 15 years!! Happy Frieniversary!
18. My new favorite color is silver
19. I think Californication is an awesome show, one of my faves!
20. Sometimes I wish I thought politics were interesting, truthfully, it's just not my thing :-P
21. I LOVE to blog (:
22. My current thought "I am running out of things to write about."
23. I can't watch any movie with Keanu Reeves, well except for "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Uncle Bill, party time excellent.....Gretchen, I hope you are reading this because you'll laugh!
24. Totally excited for Christmas this year.
25. "I made it!"

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Katrina {} said...

I STILL can't believe you didn't cry when Sammy went to school! :) And can I tell you... the Kinder blog... AMAZING!! I can't believe how much work you put into it. It's SO CUTE!!