Friday, April 16, 2010

Open House

Open House was almost a month ago, that shows you how busy I've been.
I forgot to post this!
Sammy has the best teacher.
Mrs. Files and her partner Mrs. Mendez are such an amazing team. Sam and I couldn't be more happier with Sammy's kindergarten year, thanks to these awesome women.
Sammy had a game this same night and we were lucky to get to come early (Thanks Sarah!)
Sam had never seen his classroom before and was very excited to see where we send our little man Monday through Friday.
Of course Abby had to be in the shot when I asked to get a picture ;)

Mrs. Mendez, Sammy, Mrs. Files, and Abby

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The Files Family said...

Thank you!! Shh...but Sammy is one of my favorite kinders EVER. I love him!!! :)