Sunday, July 18, 2010

passes in use!

Our family of 4 now has San Diego WAP & Zoo passes!
First time in use: 7/15/2010
Company: my cousin Marley and her kiddos, Lilly & Jace.

We're there!
After a detour scenic route, we made it to the WAP!

Sammy, Abby, & Lilly.

Giraffe #1

Giraffe #2

Made a pit stop at the splash pad.
Thank the Lord!
It was a H-O-T 110 degrees.

The lionesses were trying to beat the heat as well.
All cozy up against the glass in the shade.

After a bird disturbed their sleep, they were up for the game.
This lioness was pacing back & forth trying to figure out a way to catch that bird.

Abby just a foot away from a real lioness!

Sammy & Abby watching Jace.

Mommy & kiddos #1

Mommy & kiddos #2


what a ride.

I. will. ride. this.
how cool right!?

Gorilla Time.

This was simply amazing.
The gorilla on the left plopped down on his belly & started eating, like he was watching us for entertainment ;)

Want to take one home type of animal.

Abby in an egg.
See previous post. I think she likes to sit in eggs as much as she likes to eat them :)

My, what BIG ears you have!

Lorikeet feeding time.

no harm to Sammy's eye, I promise.

Mommy & kiddos #3

Mommies & kiddos #4

Nothing like a California Sunset.

upcoming: our San Diego Zoo adventure.
Stay Tuned

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Katrina {} said...

LOVE these pictures! The one of the 3 of you, so cute! And Abby and the lion, is AMAZING!