Thursday, August 26, 2010

stars on ice...

...well I thought so at least
Sammy & Abby went ice skating for the very. first. time.
a birthday party at an ice rink "oh no" i thought
but i can't shelter my kids forever, right?
i was a little (ok very) nervous watching them as they first stepped onto the ice
i didn't want another first (and that would be broken bones).
but they did great! 
Sammy even ditched the "walker" by the end of the birthday party
and Abby was cruising around & around & around
off she goes!
skating the side of the rink
fast as you can!
look at my Babbs!
he was happy, i swear it.
look at my Sammy Bear!
without the "walker"
having fun
cake face!
buddies, happy birthday jack
model pose, once again :)

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