Thursday, September 9, 2010

bed & breakfast style

where does an extended family of 19 stay?
at an old bed & breakfast of course!
the Pickford House is now used as a vacation rental for BIG gatherings
it's vintage decor was a hit with me!
{minus the rose carpet & pink walls}

fresh kettle corn & coffee
i gave in to every craving
it was vacation ;)

we stayed in The Valentino Room
which was nicely labeled

saw this little beauty sitting & had to snap a photo

more?? you want to see more? well...
i don't have anymore of the house...
but stayed tuned...
i have more pictures...

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BellaKarma said...

Hi Bryann,

Thanks for stopping by Eye of the Passholder ( and leaving such a rockin' awesome comment! So glad you did, 'cos it gave me the opportunity to discover *your* blog!