Monday, November 8, 2010

in love

so obviously i haven't blogged every day why i am thankful
but that doesn't mean not a day goes by where i sit back and think "man i have a great life"
and a big part of why... my partner of 6 years!

i am thankful the hubby works so hard so i get to stay home and be a mommy.
i am thankful for the love that sam and i share together.
thankful that he understands all my neurotic ticks and doesn't complain.
(i even complain about that will tell ya something...ha!)
i'm thankful that we can sit in silence and not care that one of us isn't talking.
i'm thankful that we got to mack down on some awesome sushi for our 6 year anny.
(yep it was over the weekend)
i am thankful that we are in love and fall in love over and over again.
i can keep on writing on why my husband is so AWESOME, but i'll save it for my own thoughts and his ears :)

but i will say one more thing...
i'm thankful we can still act like goobs!!

halloween 2010
whimisical werewolf & walter

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