Tuesday, November 2, 2010


happy november everyone!
friends over here and here are jumping on the 25 days of thanksgiving.
and i thought "what a great idea!" so... i'm totally copying joining them ;)

today i am thankful that i have cool kids.
yes they whine.
yes they fight. 
yes they test my patience every. single. day.
but they are mine.
they laugh.
they smile.
they tell funny jokes.
they remind me to stop. take in every single second.
i love them, and am oh so very thankful that God chose me to bring and raise them in this world.

p.s. i'm also thankful i have a washing machine so that i get to wash all those "play marks" out of my children's clothes ;)

1 comment:

molly june. said...

i LOVE that you are hopping on the thankful wagon. i'm a total copycat too :) ha! that was sweet what you wrote about your kids. man, i love mine too!