Wednesday, December 29, 2010

another Christmas surprise...

(along with year passes)

mommy and daddy surprised sammy and abby
they had no clue we were going to Disneyland until we were turning into the parking structure
i wish i would have caught that on camera

we picked a busy day. a very busy day.
disneyland closed it's gates at 12:00 p.m. due to reaching maximum capacity. 85,000 people.
lucky us we weren't crunched to fit everything in. we are once again AP holders. :)

we had to go on haunted mansion...
after all jack the pumpkin king was still hosting his Christmas there ;)

 we waited about an hour and a half to visit jack.
well worth the wait if you ask me.
it's my favorite ride during Disney's holiday transformation.

onto dinner in new orleans square
where these 2 froggy chefs cooked us up a great meal.

 love the mardi gras decor

the beautiful Christmas castle.

 since we had to wait in line for long periods of time we let the kiddos sit down whenever the had the chance...
love this picture. even at disneyland they find a time and place to wrestle ;)

mommy and daddy waiting in line

hot cocoa and hand warmers to keep cozy.


until next time disney...

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