Wednesday, April 27, 2011

safari park fun

over spring break we ventured to the wild animal park i mean Safari Park
we love just animal watching
so amazing
it is.

this girl was just waiting for her pic to be taken
you know they say don't look a gorilla in the eyes because they find it threatening...
this one doesn't seem to have any issues... or she is just wishing there wasn't a big ditch in between all the eyes

i just love the bright yellow balloon up against the beautiful scenery
see another shot here
oh, and sorry to the dude that gets his forehead on display ;)

auntie gretchen, sammy, abby, and myself were all obsessed with these G.G.s (gorgeous giants)
look how cute the "little" baby is!!
and he followed his mama every. where. she. went.
at one point the mama seemed like she was trying to get away, yah know to maybe have some alone time or something.
glad to see elephants go through it too.

this was sammy's favorite part of the day.
a diamond back rattlesnake, just cruising along the pathway of the park.
just glad it wasn't coiled up shaking that rattle.
this snake was huge. i would guess at least 5 feet long with a circumference (is that how you explain snakes?) at least 4 inches around. 
glad he was minding his own business

and finally the butterfly jungle
this place was c-o-o-l.
butterflies everywhere!
amazing colors, sizes, shapes...
just plain cool.

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