Thursday, May 5, 2011

bold. fun. fashion.

i am starting a new series on my dear ol' blog!( i'll wait for you to stop jumping up and down) totally kidding!
but I, as well as Babbs, am super excited about it.
and the name for this series you ask? drumrooooolllll!!!
the bright, bold fashions of babbs.

i am one of those moms that lets her kids pick out what they want to wear (one less battle I have to fight) but I will say that I am impressed with my 5 year old daughter. even though she always doesn't "match" she pulls of her own style like a model on the runway. soooooo..... i told her my idea of doing a blog series for her fashionista ways, and she was totally down with it. yes, abby you may just be an inspiration to other 5 year old little girlies out there.

so here are highlights of the week...
hope you enjoy her as much as i do :)

 shirt: preschool field trip shirt
skirt: childrens place
headband: childrens place
 dress: forever21 girls
headband: ribbon from the dress (her idea)

 shirt: forever21 girls
leggings: target
shoes: target
bunny ears: dollar store

 entire outfit: childrens place

shirt: forever21 girls
leggings: target
flipflops: wal-mart
purse: roxy, garage sale find


Bird said...

Oh Em Gee, what a diva you have on your hands there! Love, love, LOVE the poses!! And you're right, she does have quite a style there! Tell her Bird said she rocks!

Erica said...

Best Idea ever! I love it. She is so cute and I love her poses!

Katrina {} said...

Love her! And that polkadot dress. :)