Thursday, May 19, 2011

walking, talking, but no dancin'

walking home together from the mother/son luau hosted by his school

this was a good day.
although my son wouldn't dance with me (he is not allowed to be embarrassed of me yet! right!?) 
we had fun playing games and eating candy
and since we used our walking feet this day it was nice to spend some alone time with my little man.
he's awesome.
the heart this little guy has is ah-mazing.
love you my sammy bear!
and even though i embarrass you i will never stop being your mommy
and that right there makes up for it. 


Bird said...

I hate it, my daughter is all the time tell me to stop doing things so I don't embarrass her... She's only 7!! And hello!!! I'm not an old embarrassing mom here! Isn't it too early for all of this?!

miss indie said...

aww I'm glad you had such a great day! xx