Tuesday, October 11, 2011

catching up

we recently had a few cold (well for southern california) and rainy days.
and me over here, did ya think i had time to check the weather, sent my kids to school in these outfits.
no jackets. no umbrellas. yes, do i get mother of the year? wink wink.

 i haven't forgotten about my series of Bright Bold Fashions of Babbs
Dress: Target
Shoes: Target
Socks: cochet beads by yours truly
hair bow: made by aunt shawna

And look at my "mister to cool to smile for mom"
love those kiddos

and what to do now that we have probably froze to death at school but to play a little Just Dance 2!

 and i can't forget about my other baby who hates... hates the rain
won't go outside all day
i bet his bladder hates him on those rainy wet days...

 and then a nice end of these past couple of crazy weeks...
girls night out...
and a little birthday celebration...
katrina spoiled me with a handmade gift by her, a little treat from anthropologie, AND a pizza and framboise. she's great i tell ya!
and my dear big diamond met up with us
and they brought out 2 birthday pizookies... which we had no problem eating!

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