Sunday, November 27, 2011

there are many things to be thankful for

this thanksgiving was by far the best one i have had... mmm... maybe since i was a kid!
we hosted at our house, along with our new roommates, nick and shawna.
the whole family came up... my side, sam and nick's, and shawna's. along with a few friends :)

i am so thankful that everyone was able to be under the same roof this year.
it's always been house hopping for us. which in turn, sometimes come along with stress.
i am thankful that we belong to a family that gets along with each other so well. we truly are a family that really really loves and cares for one another.

i'm thankful for my awesome, amazing, handsome husband. (who was up at 6 a.m. to get the smoked turkey going).
he is really an amazing man with drive to provide for his family.
he loves his kids and he loves me, what more can a girl ask for?

my kids. i can't even begin to put into words how thankful i am for such small human beings.
they are so fun to be around.
their innocence is fascinating.
i am in awe of their beauty.
i thank god every night before bed that he chose me to raise these kids.
it truly is an honor to be their mother.

i am thankful that i have everything i need in my life.
sure things can be tight and we may not get to go out all the time or go buy ourselves extravegant items.
but we have a roof over our head. food on our table. happy, healthy kids. and love.
and that is why i am thankful, because god has provided me with the things that i need

 fruit turkey

 the beautiful center pieces done by shawna

 the love of my life.
and of course my cuddle bug had to be part of the love :)

 mommy with her princess

 daddy and his little man

 we rock at hosting!

 gobble gobble

 nick smoking and frying turkeys

the smoked turkey.

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