Sunday, December 4, 2011

haul out the holly

can you believe Christmas is in 21 days!?
the decorations are up (minus the tree & my kitchen cupcake tree)
and our house is feeling oh so cozy cozy.

don't you love the strips of fabric on the light strand!?
{thank you pinterest for that idea}
just grab a strand of lights, colored or not. your favorite fabric. cut strips about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. tie around your strand of lights. and viola! 
i love the look, how the lights make the fabric glow.

i love breaking out homemade decorations that the kids have made over the years.
the bean candle holder was made by abby babbs last year.

shawna's awesome peacock tree.
can you believe she found those peacock ornaments at wal-mart?

and these cute kids who wanted to show off their stockings with their treat that Daddy brought home.
nerds! the candy not my kids ;)

like my yarn garland for the mantel?
another homemade decoration made by yours truly.
single chain crochet + yarn pom poms = garland.

{and excuse abby's rather short "dress" my daughter has this thing about running around the house with no pants}

there is more to come!

1 comment:

Marley Christensen said...

LOL my children NEVER have pants on! I'm always freezing and Lilly says "I'm to hot for clothes." Looks great.