Friday, May 11, 2012

this & that

ok, so obviously blogging hasn't been my strong point lately.
and i have way to much to share.
so i'll just give ya bits and pieces of what life has been like.

 strawberry picking at a hydroponic strawberry farm. way cool.

 farmer bryann

 packing. lots of packing. packed for vegas. {sorry, no pics} and the next weekend packed again for 2 for a fabulous girls weekend.

 flew to reno.
all ready with her boarding pass.

 and then she flew the plane :) {not really, but she was chosen by the pilot himself to sit in his chair before the flight}

 landed safe and sound.

 toes in the snow.
then 20 minutes later...

 toes in the sand.

 and lots and lots of chilling with these loves.

quick and brief.
so much coming up as well, i hope that i'll be better at blogging 'em ;)

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