Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So football season is quickly approaching! The Cowboys were playing their first pre-season game in San Diego against the Chargers, and do you think we would have missed it?? We tailgated, ate hot dogs and hamburgers, and hung out among the others who bleed blue and silver! Sammy was so funny the whole time, every time he saw a fan in a Charger jersey he would yell "GO COWBOYS!!!!" And every time he saw a blue jersey he ran up to who ever it was and gave them a high five! Abby was a little cheerleader and was amazed at the "real-life" cheerleaders. She had a little dance going that was making every one around us fall on the floor laughing! Even though though the Cowboys didn't win (first string played only the first play of the game) we all had a great time watching the boys play on the football field!

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