Saturday, June 26, 2010

all star

We have been b-u-s-y!
And a big part of that is because our little man made Temecula Shetland All Stars RED.
From practicing:

To game days:

Follow the link to see the boys in action!
I have yet to remember my camera!
The one thing I have been forgetting every. time. Bad Mommy.

Our first game was a lesson learned.
Temecula @ Corona (Murrieta Tournament)
Final Score 14-4, Corona.

Second Game.
Temecula v. Hemet (Murrieta Tournament)

I'll keep ya updated on the rest of the tournament...

{p.s. this has nothing to do with what I just posted but I wanted to throw it in...I have been messing with my blog design infatuation, I think I'm good with it now :)}

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