Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a little porch love

My husband is wonderful.
He surprised me with some new front porch patio furniture a couple weekends ago.
I have been having so much fun making it a homey little place to sit.
It's nice to have a place to sit & relax in the fresh southern cali sun.
(our backyard is still under construction...but we have grass GROWING)

I took a trip to the good ol' 99 cent store to set up our front porch for our country's birthday.
I even dressed up our little potted garden :)
From left to right: Zinnias, Loofah, & Marigolds.

I have a new obsession of collecting mason jars, who knew they could be useful and adorable?
The vase is a large mason jar :)
I have been collecting them for some time now, you'll just have to stayed tuned for more mason jar projects.
How I love summer!

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