Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fun times!

this weekend was a blast!
we just lounged the entire weekend,
GOTCHA! us? lounge? yeahhhhh, right.
i don't think it's in our blood to have lazy weekends anymore ;)

we started off friday with a birthday party at chuck e. cheese's
(am i the only mom who walks out of there with a pounding headache...every. time?)
but it's well worth it seeing the face on abby as she rides the electric horse video game,
or when sammy hits the jackpot for 125 tickets and you woulda thought he won the lottery.

saturday was sam's 10 year high school reunion.
we had a blast.
makes us feel all old and stuff though, ya know?
mine is next year, and i'm still 26...until tomorrow. i rub it in occasionally ;)

sunday we attended a birthday party for our best friend's lil sis
who turned the BIG 1-8.
and i was honored to make cupcakes!

doesn't it remind you of a kenny chesney song?

all in all a fun filled weekend with people we love!
life couldn't be better...
well...it would be a smidge better if it wasn't sticky hot at the end of september :)

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