Friday, October 8, 2010

more rambling from yours truly

i don't know what's up with me lately? pictures just haven't been something i've been in the mood to take lately :( i'm trying to keep a log in my brain of all the funny/cute/annoying things sammy and abby have been doing lately...with little success. i need to start writing things down and taking more pictures. time goes by way to fast. (can you believe it's october?). i sometimes wish i was all into scrapbooking, and making picture books all cute and stuff. well, i'm not gonna make an excuse like "i'm way to busy" just because if i really really wanted to do it, i would make the time. my patience is taken up by a 6 and 4 year old :)
so you'll just have to deal with my rambling posts of how cool my family is. (we are. we really are.) i have been soaking up every minute, and when i'm old and gray it would be cool to relive some of these moments. like last night when we were playing a good ol' game of Wii bowling and sammy & abby's cheers for one another filled the room when they got a spare or a strike. or letting them jump on bed just so i can hear them laugh their best belly laughs. or when i video them wrestling each other because i think it's really cute. or when i get corrected by my first grader, on a daily basis because let's face it, he's a genius. or when abby puts her hands on her hips when she is "serious" as she would say.
my kids are angels. seriously. i'm not trying to be biased but my kids are pretty damn cool.
i guess what i'm trying to say through all this nonsense is...expect more rambling...and stories...and cell phone shots. not because "i don't have time" but because that's what i'm into right now :)

enjoy these few shots...and a little tid bit of a story with each one.

our dear mickey. we had him "fixed" last week and he is rocking the "cone of shame" proudly. try explaining to your kids why he needed to have his goods chopped off. i did the best i could without revealing too much. hopefully that birds & bees talk won't happen again until they are older. like 20 would be good ;) i know. i know. it's gonna have to happen way before that but i can wish right? this is how the convo went between my advanced son and I...
"why did he need to get fixed if he wasn't broken?"
"well sammy, we had to have him fixed so he couldn't make babies" (oh no! i thought did i just say that out loud...breathe & think...breathe & think)
"only girls can have babies"
"well it takes a boy and a girl to make a baby" (oh no again! don't ask how, don't ask how)
"ok, that's good because we don't need a lot of puppies when we buy a girl dog huh?"
"nope we don't need a lot of puppies"
i dodged it. by a hair. whew.

has the silly band craze hit your house? well it's in full effect over here. sammy proudly displays them on his bed...i think he has a total of 40 now? he knows exactly how many. to bad he's at school right now or i'd ask him. 

and my cool kids. can you tell abby wasn't into taking the picture? love that she still has her baby round face. sammy lost that round face last year. hoping hers stays a little longer, just because it is so darn adorable. like sammy's hair? thinking he looks pretty handsome huh? he got a haircut just before school pictures. and loves it.

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kelly. said...

i truly laughed outloud at the getting the dog "fixed" story. so funny the way they ask their questions. kids definitely make life more enjoyable. thanks for sharing :) and by the way, i can't believe your baby is 4!!! i need to get started :)