Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i sent my baby to preschool!
so bitter sweet!

all ready to go.
bunny shirt, check.
carrot to feed the class bunny, check.
tinkerbell backpack, check.

cute shoes, check.

picking up a smiling, happy, "i had so much fun today mommy" girl, check.

now that abby goes to school, i have so much free time. HA!
all my free time has actually been taken up by driving.
well not really, but it feels like it.

it really is nice though to have at least time to tidy up,
and not have it looked like a bomb hit our house in t-minus 5 min.

it really is nice to have a quiet house for a portion of my day.

but, seriously...
i think i will go into the nut house when they pack up & move...
that's still so far off...whew!

1 comment:

Katrina {} said...

Oh so cute! She looks so happy! I wanna live next door to you so I can putt around your house with you while we do nothing! Sounds like a great morning. :)