Saturday, September 18, 2010

planes, music, & football

you excited yet!? 
well i was. after a long week of preparing,
getting my ducks in a row is what i like to call it.
we made it.
to the airport to fly to texas, 
and what better way to start off with a yummy bloody mary
to toast to an "epic vacation" as we always say in our crowd :)


boarded our plane that took us to keller, tx.
where we would have a divine dinner,
rock out to some great music...provided DMB of course
watch the cowboys lose. a hard loss :/
but at least it was on the big screen, right? no? you're right.

so much fun with the doughtys though.
great visits, great conversations.

the plane that flew us safely to tx.

yes we are going to see DAVE! so excited.
he rocked.
as always.

on the road again. in the sky again.
onward to kansas city, mo.
my view from the plane.

makes you feel so little.
birds eye view ;)

b and n.
our travel buddies.
s and b...well that's us!

monday football.
chiefs v. chargers.
also the opening of the renovated arrowhead stadium.

opening ceremonies

we survived...
the rain.
the wind.
the game!!
chiefs won!

are you ready for some football!

great mommy & daddy vacation.

so glad to have come home, kids running into my arms.
and being home again.


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