Thursday, October 14, 2010


after school we cruised down to escondido to visit the animals AND have an afternoon date :) monkeys, lions, lorakeets, and other birds.
katrina, jennifer, & ewan.
makes for a nice afternoon with great friends.
(sammy was there...he just didn't want the paparazzi taking his photo)

ewan and abby. love their poses.

another adventure with great friends.
big bear.
candy shops & fishing.
hiking a 2 mile round trip hike to see a beautiful view of the lake. (the kids did GREAT).
it's nice to know if we ever take a family trip to hawaii that my kids could hike to see the beautiful waterfalls :)


abby & hani being ariel

coral & sammy after a morning of fishing 

 like abby's chocolate toothbrush?

so many fun things going on in October :) the kick off to the holidays.
October will fly by just like September did.
BUT we are going to have fun along the way!!

from school field trips to school performances.
from pumpkin picking to trick or treating.
loads of activities await us with many new memories to be made!

what does your october hold for YOU?

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