Saturday, October 23, 2010

clicky clacky clips

if you have a girl you know how chaotic the hair clip drawer can be, right? well i have seen the cute ribbon organizers, but it just seemed to not fit my little girl's personality & style. so when i received november's issue of Disney Family Fun and saw this tutorial, i had to make it for her! And guess what? she put her own twist on it by picking out pink yarn for the hair :)

i think it came out pretty darn cute! the only thing i would change...
use more yarn so the embroidery hoop is all covered :)

have to have a close up of the braid. seriously, it's so her.
pink hair. purple ribbon.
complete with all her clicky clacky clips 
(as we call them over here)
now she can see them rather than "fishing" through the hair drawer.

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