Saturday, October 23, 2010

field trips & festivals

field trip number one.
peltzer pumpkin patch.
loved that i got to tag along.
it's cool to see your kids being them.
and at school i think she is exactly that. her.

i'll take the one in the red :)

my friend is here!

for some reason this picture makes we want a farm.

listening to instructions on what pumpkins to get.

i found it!

corn maze.
where best friends hold hands and lead the way together.
i love this picture.

snack time!
cookies and juice boxes.
what's the nickjr. saying?
i wish life was more like preschool.

 Sammy performing "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain When She Comes"
during a soaring spirit assembly.
Giving me the #1 when he sees me and babbs in the audience.

 field trip number two.
the kids got to see their living room and kitchen.
firefighter hill dressed the part.
a tour of the fire engine.
they got a call when we were there!

listening to firefighter hill.

firefighter hill modeling the heavy, sometimes scary...
fire suit.

firefighter abby is on the call.


you know how my daughter poses?
class shot (pose) #1

shot (pose) #2

shot (pose) #3

The Fall Festival!!!
bean bag toss.
fishing (with real mermaids).
lollipop game.
football toss.
dig for treasure.
trunk or treating.

scary hair salon.

face painting.

so much fun at the festival this year.
we were pooped by the end of the night, but it didn't end when we got home.
movie/campout night for the whole family...
nothing like a living room sleepover.

and the adventure will continue....
upcoming our adventure at our local (way too expensive) pumpkin patch.

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Katrina {} said...

What a busy month for you guys! But what fun stuff! Can't wait till ewan has fun field trips. :)