Thursday, October 28, 2010

ghetto fab pumpkin patch

yes...we're cool like that.
we take our kids to local corner pumpkin patch that is way overpriced, there's holes in the jumpy jumps, and no hand sanitizer at the petting zoo (luckily i always have some in my purse)
do kids notice those things?
heck no!

on a cloudy fall saturday we had a fun family outting.
lunch at lucilles
and then pumpkin patch fun!

my 2 little pumpkins!

the buckets.
abby's favorite. 
sammy was a good big brother and let her pick the first ride :)
love that sweet boy.


the trampoline.
a new favorite.
abby's first time.
and luckily they got to jump at the same time :)

i love this picture of abby's head.
i snapped it just in time to get her face...haha!

sammy getting going.

the video...

after the exciting trampoline sammy opted for the petting zoo...

and abby opted for the swings.

and my little handsome man.

and this year we are that family that bought their pumpkins at walmart for $3 a pop. i just couldn't stomach paying almost $15 for one. yes one pumpkin. 
(did i mention we went to the ghetto fab patch)
so excited for pumpkin carving tonight!
so excited for halloween on sunday!

and btw...
sam (my hubby) was not in to taking a family picture at the pumpkin patch this year :(
i was a nice wife and let him have his way...
just this once though ;)

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