Saturday, November 20, 2010

park play & soapy snow

the weather had been AMAZING this past week.
crisp. cool. sunny. yummy.
minimum days at school allowed for some long over due park play.

now i sit here drinking hot tea, listening to the rain outside. excited about our upcoming roadtrip to colorado to see my daddy aka papa bill. {imagine the biggest cheesiest smile and that would be my face :D.}

 we have been tracking the weather for our trip to colorado and it looks like we are going to run into some SNOW :) how awesome is that!? the only snow that we have experienced this year was our birthday trip here AND some soapy snow at our local mall (but honestly, what could be better than walking out from a random shopping night with nicole and experiencing "snow.")
 what can be better than snow in southern ca. ;)
one of my purchases from our brand new HUGE forever 21.

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