Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i couldn't come up with a title

I hope that everyone had a cozy, warm, heartfelt, memory making Thanksgiving!

We took a week vacay to to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with Papa Bill aka my dad.
had a blast visiting, bowling, eating a yummy Thanksgiving dinner and going back for more & more, venturing up to the Black Canyon, visiting the Ute Museum, saw Harry Potter (in a really cool old school theater)...boy we did a lot and it was great!

now we are back in our routine, my Christmas decorations almost finished...

I am so feeling this season right now, I'm in the mood.... Christmas shopping started... holiday radio playing... so excited to get our Christmas cards mailed... 'tis the season! Happy December!

stayed tuned! i have a lot of things to share!

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Katrina {} said...

Please tell me this is your christmas card picture... so beautiful!