Thursday, December 16, 2010

teepees and canyons

like anyone and everyone i am swamped this time of year! and my plans to blog about our Thanksgiving vacation... well as you can see, didn't go as planned ;)

we got our tree...
shopping almost complete... santa is the man this year :)
abby had her Christmas Program... keep coming back to see that one!
sammy has his last day AND his international holiday party tomorrow!
and next week we can start on all the FUN holiday events that I have been so patiently awaiting...
like getting hot chocolate and sipping it while we drive around looking at lights...
or making Christmas ornaments... (any suggestions on what to do? we did these last year)
wrapping party...
gingerbread houses... well this year we settled for the gingerbread tree just so it will stay up ;)
can't wait to have a holly jolly Christmas!

and now back to our colorado trip!
we took the kids here and here
and here are some pics :)

 Chief Ourray's wife, Chipeta is buried on site

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Katrina {} said...

LOVE the picture of Sam in the teepee, hahah! And can't get over how beautiful the snow was!