Monday, December 20, 2010

'tis the season

o christmas lovely are your branches...
i l-o-v-e fresh cut christmas trees...
the smell... the look... the lights... the ornaments... the angel... i could go on and on

our mobile for christmas light sight seeing
a.k.a "Lenny the VW Bus"

with a pit stop to claim jumper for uncle ben's bday

on our way!

go here to see what we saw as we walked the cul-de-sac of bainbridge
the whole street was in sync with a local radio station :)
so awesome. so giving. thank you residents of bainbridge for bringing even more magic to our season.

and a visit to this jolly old elf!
we ventured to the mall santa on a sunday, stormy afternoon.
waited a whole 10 minutes in the 2 hour line and said...
"let's bear the storm and go visit the old town santa"
drove. parked. walked right up to santa.
sammy and abby told him what they want.
said thank you for the candy cane.
and since no one was waiting...
they got a few more words in with santa while our picture printed :)

this is a BIG STEP from last year and the year before


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I couldn't agree more - Christmas to me IS the smell of a fresh cut treat. There really is nothing greater...

PS: I think you might fancy the Aromatherapy Co giveaway I'm currently running...would love it if you dropped by!