Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the weather outside is frightful...

it's been raining for days...
and as a southern california resident, it's kind of depressing not seeing the sun for almost 5 days!
i'm just not used to it ;)
but i will say the weather has been perfect for baking... and i've done a lot of baking the last couple days.
i will say that i am glad it's christmas time... my house is cozy and warm, and smells of fresh baked gingerbread cupcakes and evergreen tree.
too bad i can't give all of you a cupcake via the computer :)

i love our home during
i wish i could be a crazy christmas lady and have my house decorated all year like this BUT i do have a husband that might be opposed... haha!

 the cozy village with tiny people

 nightmare before christmas tree
(a family favorite movie... and yes i rock this tree october through december)

sleigh bells ring... are you listening...
 our fridge gets some love too

 display of screaming santa pictures

 santa watches while they brush their teeth :)

and the reason for the season...
O Holy Night.

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