Friday, January 14, 2011

Disney post #1938493829304

 their many faces this day makes me smile.

 a tangled ride!... not a long wait... sweet!
but wait... after standing in line for 15 minutes I find out that it's not a ride... it's a meet and greet.
well we were already in line... who wants to meet rapunzel!?
abby does. sammy doesn't.
sorry sammy, abby wins this time.

we made it!
once abby saw that the prince was standing next to rapunzel, she stopped dead in her tracks and simply shook her head no.
sorry prince, you'll have to move out of the way so my daughter can meet your princess.

once he was kicked out she was so happy to talk to her.

 well prince... at least one of my kids posed with you.
(we have yet to see this movie... i know i know... i'll go watch it)

 then what to do next? SPACE MOUNTIAN!!
(view is from the space mountain line)

abby got a first time sticker... sweet.
probably her favorite part of the ride.

 being goofballs, running from my phone...

we went on the ride.
abby and i got the very front. very very very front.
sammy was a sport and sat all. by. himself.

abby cried. i'm a mean mom :(
but she did say "i'll feel more safe on that ride with daddy" so i'm thinking she liked it...

yay for passes! i love going to disneyland. it makes my heart happy.

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