Thursday, February 3, 2011

another disney day

now that we have annual passports again
i think of any reason we can go to the magical place
and this last time was to celebrate aunt nicole becoming a pass holder once again :)

 thumbs up for APs!

big thunder mountain a favorite in this group of 4

 tea cup pose
my daughter thought that this "hand behind our head" pose would be per-fect

knock knock
is the white rabbit home?
i almost, always make them stand by this door...
shows me how much they've grown over their many visits

 two crazy characters
sammy and donald
(there was a lady behind us in line to meet donald with the coolest accent... i just wish i would have asked her where they were from)

 and minnie!
with a really pretty princess.

another successful trip to my favorite place on earth.
now, 10 more days and we'll be there again to celebrate my baby turning 5! (along with a group of 12)
what!? 5?! i am having a hard time accepting this!
at least we'll be at the happiest place on earth so i won't break down in tears...
well maybe i'll bring my box of tissues. just. in. case.

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