Tuesday, February 8, 2011

yes life is "grape"

we have all been hit with the flu... yucky, ucky flu.
but life is still gooood...
i'd rather us all be hit with it at once then to be passing it back and forth for the next couple months.
(and i'd rather be sick before our baby turns 5)
i have been enjoying cuddling, reading, doing make-overs, catching up on homework & laundry...
and catching up on reading.

loving the first book of this series


this month is bi-zee.
lots to do equals lots to enjoy :)
we have a total of 7 birthdays, in the next 2 weeks
i'll give 'em some honorable mention ;)
Hani and Gretchen: 2/10
Abby: 2/13
Jasmyn (abby's friend): 2/18
Nathan (sammy's friend): 2/19
Nick: 2/20
Natey: 2/21

and my older brother also celebrates a bday this month: 2/27

yay for birthdays!!!

on a side note:
sam and i are thinking about a big change... BIG i tell ya!
we are young. we are strong. and are kids are the best!
no matter what our decision we will make it as a family.
(it is still just an idea, a thought so we have lots of time to sit on it)

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