Tuesday, March 1, 2011

back to the grind of the week,
how i am wishing everyday could be saturday and sunday.
my hubby home, kids outside running around, movie/campout nights...
i can dream right?

we had a lovely sunday.
house cleaned up, grocery shopping done... all as a family.
i don't think we have done that since... it's been to long!
we enjoyed the scenic route while running our errands...
look how low the snow level is on the mountain!
to bad we didn't wake up to any... oh well, that's the beauty of living in socal... it's not that far away to experience BUT i'll never have to shovel snow out of my driveway :)

life is going faster...
i'm making an outline of my goals (month to month)
heck, maybe i'll even post 'em on the dear ol' blog... you'll motivate me right!? :)
i think it will help me all around, less stress too!

we even stopped to watch some baby goats pounce around.
so precious, the kids (mine not the goats') laughed at these other "kids" playing, eating, and pooping.
(yes pooping is comical around here)

another great view of the blue skies, green after the rain, and even clouds that don't want to leave this view!

all in all, great day.
i love my family.
i love my state.

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