Monday, March 14, 2011

thoughts & more thoughts

last tuesday i called my mom to ask a quick question... went straight to voicemail... "oh well, i'll try again later..." i thought. not 2 minutes later she called me back in a frantic panic... she had fallen and broke her ankle. (i don't want to be all bitter and negative) but this is the last thing in the world that needed to happen. seriously. my poor mommy.

then japan... i can't watch the news about it. my stomach turns with the thought of that happening. all those people going about their day to day business, and then bam, mother nature has a way of waking the world up. to be aware, to know that we, as human beings, don't always have control. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the world affected by this natural disaster. poor japan.

but then the weekend comes and the presence of my hubby home, hanging with my 3 favorite people in the world, i realize that it's all i'll ever need. as long as i have these 3 people in my life, i can get through anything.
we went hiking for the second weekend in a row. such a great family activity. we love it. the kids love it. and we are together. searching for frogs and salamanders. discovering secret waterfalls. almost falling in streams. being the clean fresh air. love.
i have started spring cleaning... we have way to much stuff. just stuff. and yes we may be those people that have a garage sale every weekend to get rid of most of it... not kidding. :)
the talk of our big change has continued... i want to clear up that this is so positive, so good for us, but at the same time a little scary.

sammy turns 7 on saturday. seven. the thought of my baby turning 5 last month put me over the edge, but my first born, turning 7... oh boy. i have tears just typing this. time goes by way to fast and all i want to do is freeze time. "abracadabra" oh well, it was worth a try. ha!
he is such a special little man. that heart he has, oh it makes me melt. the way he gets excited for his sissy. the way he walks when hanging out with his daddy. the way his laugh sounds exactly how it did and he gets the same face when he was a baby, when something is really, really funny. the way he gets tired and insists on nestling his face in my neck and squeezing me tight. i could go on and on and on about this little dude. he really is someone special. i am so blessed to have him as a son. he is the best.

so this week will probably be emotional for me. my mom. japan. and my baby boy turning 7. 3 totally different topics, but ones that make me bow my head and talk to God, ones that make me feel so fortunate to have my family... safe.

now my rambling is done :)
if you made it this far please say a prayer for my mom, for japan, and for me not to lose it when sammy blows out the candles.

have a great week!


kelly-lynn said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she has a quick recovery!

Marley Christensen said...

hearts, & hugs sometimes venting is a big must.. you are definitely very far from being a negative person.. <3 you! and Happy birthday sammy!