Friday, March 25, 2011

lucky number 7

my first born turned seven. yes seven.
where oh where did the time go!?
he is awesome.
perfectly awesome since day 1.
oh my sammy bear
i pray that you always have that heart of yours, so honest and pure.
my seven year old.
tear that he is so big now!
but shouts of joy of what an awesome human being is becoming every day.

 love his body language while Lee Koch sang happy birthday!

opening presents later that evening.

a big THANK YOU to everyone!

trying to channel his inner-nerd.
it's ok sammy, you can leave this to mommy ;)

we were planning on going to CA Adventure the next day.
it rained. bummer. so we canceled. bummer.
but we are planning on taking him in 1 week! YAY!
so he'll get to celebrate turning 7 again!
love you sammy bear


Marley Christensen said...


Marley Christensen said...

awe just noticed my button is on your blog ... THANK YOU <3