Friday, June 10, 2011

I :) Fridays

yes i do!
and especially this Friday!

fridays lead up to carefree weekend fun

freeeeeeee bowling!
(bowling last Saturday)

beautiful beach days in La Jolla

 look straight ahead
it's babbs
she surprised me by being in the water the whole time. by herself.
but don't worry i had my eyeballs on her the. whole. time.
(bummer of this day... i was pooped on by a seagull... darn seagulls)

with a pit stop here.
my first time to an actual Sprinkles store
heaven in a box

and today was an extra special friday...
Abby's end of the year carnival!

and the fun isn't stopping!
she is over at her friend's house right now
so i am enjoying the quite
they are going to a movie and then i'm meeting up with them after work to go paint some pottery!


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