Thursday, June 9, 2011

a little of this and a little of that

man, i have said it before (previous post) but i'll say it again...
we have been so busy with end of the year activities
field trips, plays, showcases, and carnivals

i am so excited that next school year they will be at the same school
{less driving equals more time}

sammy's last day of first grade was yesterday... what!? i have a second grader now? where oh where did the time go? i am stoked that his summer is here, i miss my little man while he is at school and i am looking forwad to not having to share him with school :)
the last few weeks have been filled with plays, showcases and carnivals
to send 'em all of to second grade (i'm still having a hard time accepting this). their brains are full.

sammy was the rooster in the play "Nuts"
super cute, so proud of my little thespian. 

spring showcase
his class made a picture inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

and Ms. Moran sending him off to second grade
we had a great year!
lots of fun and lots of learning
and blossoming into even more of a big kid!

and then there is little lady...
who is on the home stretch of being finished with pre-k and will be off to kindergarten.
again... what!?
i have a feeling that i will more of a wreck than i was here.
my baby, off to kindergarten.

summer break is almost here 
i can taste it!

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